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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Mobile Telechnology

1. Mobile Phone
i) Rise in use everywhere 
ii) Different kinds and sizes
iii) Competition among cellular companies
2. Advantages
i) Easy to Carrry
ii) Maintenance of Privacy
iii) Intouch with the world
iv) Helpful During Journey and Emergency
v) Helpful in business, trade and Commerce
3. Some Suggestions
i) Be put to proper and wise use
ii) Improvement in services
iii) Decreases in Rates
iv) Local  Manufacturing
4. Conclusion The wise and proper use of Mobile Phone is Nothing short of a Blessing!!
Mobile is that a Comparatively a latest addition an the all ready the present of gadgets for the communication like the telephone and telegraph and the wireless etc and But very short of time the it is has to become like the indispensable and commodity throughout in the world and it is the getting as popular in world the day on day and the now more and more UK, US people are like using mobile Phones and with the sheer the rise of competition among the cellular companies the services rates are falling down every day and it is being predicted that by 2007 and only the numbers of the subscribers will be 10 millions in Pakistani and Bangladesh. And the New Modile models of  phones in the different kind of sizes or colors with ever the increasing more functions and the facilities are arrive to in a market daily because in by day and Not any  doubt present time unfortunately called the mobileTime

Phone has uncountless advantages. and it easy to buy in anywhere in platform and the pocket and purse also. its helps us at maintenance by our privacy daily and One go can the some to corner or safe side to attend in the incoming calls and to ring back someone other else and it keep up man in touching with the worldwild around the time and it is very help fulled during to the reach journey from one place to other and like going out of city and in emergency problem and in such attention. It is the minimizes to worry and the one saves from to untoward trouble and mobile phone also very great helpful in business , trade and commerce even above all of provision certain the functions, Like services Time-clock and stop watch and Calculater and video games and reminder and dictionary and internet Facility and Music and Message facility this kind of etc and on its have to made it a real Blessing.

Phone is also some harms on account of its miss use. some it brings the about an accident when the they driver is very busy in and attending and sending to the call and doing that his attention us the diverted the from road And Then mobile is phone used by the criminals for Commuting the evil acts of the robbery.

In the present Time the of very fast communication with mobile and phone and the has totally of the become indispensable and it is proper and  the wise of the use is not less than to blessing a for us and it is a ever improving in  services are the attracting like forcing people's but, it and not doubted mobile and it is amazing services are reliable in world and hoped is that with an rising the competition of among and present phone the companies of it. or with an arrival of a ones new it and we are sure in  future gain become the more cheap and also affordable for the everyone and The Pakistani Government should set up the phone manufacturing the units in the Country of to the provide cheap-cost but its durable and latest phone sets and it should be try to assure low rate. But better mobile services in the country..
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