Pakistan Politics and PMLN is only party who deserve for big chnage in Pakistan

Tuesday, 7 February 2012


i. The great of evils and the worst of crime in poverty 
a. Serious situation in Pakistan
b. On the Rise

ii. Factors behind widespread poverty in Pakistan 
a. Economic decline and financial crisis
b. IMF and world bank
c. Price hike and inflation devaluation
d. Faulty poverty alleviation  schemes
e. Culture of corruption
f. Unemployment and heavy taxes

iii. Harms and disadvantages of poverty 
a.  Poor standard of living
b.  Rise in a suicide rate
c.  Rise in crimes and social evils

iv. Measures to combat and alleviate poverty 
a.  Solid and result contented schemes
b. Development of human resources
c.  Provision of physical infrastructure
d. Employment opportunities
e. socio-economic progress

v. Cosmetic schemes cannot uproot on the matter how much the  Government spends from the national exchanger
Poverty has strained this social fabric of the society and standard of living of people is falling down rapidly and being to unable the life heavy to burden life their the financially to weak of shoulders more peoples are committing.

Alleviation of poverty is the crying need of the hour and some sincere and solid steps must be taken in this regard and Government must understand that schemes such as food support programme baitul mall and can but provided temporary relief to limited numbers and eliminate this menace and if it really wants to alleviate poverty is should concentrate and its energy and attention resources towards economic revival and it should develop the human resource and provided physical infrastructure and generate employment opportunities and the more development of human resource the generate the possibilities of economic development and the government should seek more forging investment and cut down non development expenditures and increases exports and develop information technology and so on so. and not doubt such steps will go a long way in alleviating poverty in the Pakistan.

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