Pakistan Politics and PMLN is only party who deserve for big chnage in Pakistan

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Pakistan real politics PMLN and Imran khan Politics PTI and PTI misbehaviour against PMLN

i have Question for PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf) , why you are supporting Pti munfiq party, they have no strategies for resolving issues, who was straggling against PPP, who was long march for restore institution of Unsold for supreme Cort, who is daily protesting against electricity, who is active in Punjab and taking actions against terrorist and dengi in Punjab, who is submitted application against corrupted prime mister, who was supporting and was helping when flood in sidh and all over the Pakistan, who is donations when flood in Pakistan, who is starting air conditions bus services for people in Punjab, and why PTI targeting only PLMN innocent party, Why Imran khan retired musharf supporters adding in Party? Pti why don't protest against PPP, why Pti playing with young generation emotions, Why Pti members until not declare assets, PTi only establishment party, why pti not protest against GHQ who resume Natto supply, where is long march sonamee? Its all of bad blunders, why Pti only intangible ? why they only Statements ? why they don't psychically anything? stop Munafiqat and don't be support zardari, and Pti activities like support zardare. Who agree with me. who deserve for change? PMLN is only party who is make future for Pakistan.

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