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Monday, 5 November 2012

CM Shahbaz & Indian Deputy CM Explore Areas of Mutual Cooperation

If the European nations, once at daggers drawn, can excel together in trade and industry, it's high time to step forward, decide to live as good neighbours and, try seeking solutions to water and Kashmir disputes on table...” remarked CM Shahbaz Sharif in his welcome meeting with the Indian delegation arriving earlier this eve, led by the Deputy CM of the Indian Punjab. Extending a warm welcome, thanking the Deputy CM for sending in Indian team for participation in the “Punjab Youth Festival”, CM Shahbaz Sharif stressed upon developing people to people contacts to improve trade relations and exchanging help in education, health and energy sectors. It was observed that Pakistan can benefit from India’s experience of generating power from coal, agricultural waste and bio-mass. Suggesting focusing on industry and trade relations, the Deputy CM invited CM Shahbaz Sharif to be the chief guest at final of the soon to be held World Cup Kabaddi Tournament in the Indian Punjab...

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