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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

CM Chairing "Ramzan Package" Meeting at his Tent Office

After having received the position-holder students at the Lahore airport on their arrival back from the foreign visit at 3 am, CM Shahbaz Sharif arrived at this tent office at 7am. Besides carrying out routine tasks, CM also chaired a meeting to finalize the “Ramzan Package”. CM was briefed about the measures taken to ensure smooth supply and availability of essential commodities at controlled prices for which 322 “Ramzan Bazars” are being set up all over Punjab. Also, few shops are being designated as “fair price shops” and the 10 functional “Model Bazars” too as Ramzan Bazars, where essential commodities would be made available at subsidized rates. It was decided that 10 essential commodities including potato, onion, gram pulse, basin, dates, banana, rice will also be made available at 15% off market price at fair price shops of the agricultural department. 1312 price magistrates have been appointed to monitor prices. Taking notice of a slight price hike before Ramadan, CM directed the concerned officials to make best efforts for providing maximum relief to the public. CM also instructed to ensure provision of first aid facilities at the Ramzan Bazars

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