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Thursday, 30 August 2012

CM Shehbaz Ordering On-the-Spot Actions on Public Complaints

At the camp office earlier today, CM Shahbaz Sharif issued on-the-spot orders for redressal of the grievances of various complainants who had came to meet him from different areas. On the demand of a delegation of visually impaired persons, CM issued immediate orders for making higher education free for the special persons. Also, the CM constituted a committee to brainstorm few other demands of regularizing of contract employees, including special people in the eligibility criteria for teaching posts and administrative posts in police department and involving representatives of special while formulation any concerned policies. CM met the mother of late Khurram of Samanabad, Lahore, who was shot dead 3 weeks back in front of her mother while he was making arrangements for taraveeh prayers administered at his place by the brother of an ex-minister belonging to formerly ruling party without any provocation. Khurram’s brother was also shot in leg.

The 3 accused, using their political influence, got extended bails from session court. CM also met parents of a 20 year old girl who was shot dead during a robbery attempt on April 19, 2012 at their place. The main accused got apprehended but was set free later, as local politicians belonging to the same formerly ruling party exerted their influence over the investigating police officials. For both the cases, the CM summoned Home Secretary, IG Police, Advocate General, Prosecutor General and the CCPO and directed them to take immediate actions to ensure justice to the aggrieved families. In another case of a girl gone missing in November last year after an allegedly failed attempt of a forced marriage by a local influential family, the CM ordered an inquiry report to be presented to him by coming Saturday.

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