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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Life Threat of Dengue Ends-Almighty be Praised

A meeting regarding dengue was held a few moments earlier. CM appreciated the efforts of his administrative and political teams which worked day and night in perfect coordination setting an example. 34,000 preventive interventions were made through the use of technology and a digital surveillance system which Punjab IT Board had developed. CM stated that by Almighty Allah's blessings, life threat of dengue is over and the Government and people of Punjab have fought a historic battle. The danger of an epidemic no longer persists and not a single death occurred this season, stated the CM, expressing gratitude to Almighty Allah. Sri Lankan experts who had helped the Punjab Government in identifying the virus and suggesting preventive measures and treatment last year had stated, that had the CM not worked for 18 to 20 hours a day, 25,000 people would have died. CM paid tribute to the people of Punjab who participated in awareness campaigns and kept their homes and surroundings clean. History will record this as the only country where such an unprecedented effort was made against a virus and within a year the life threat of the virus was eliminated.

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